Golden Alchemy is SCRiBE The Verbalist and Golden Master  making hip hop and electronic hybrid music for the future.  Golden Alchemy also runs the Turntable Sundae concert series at The Upstairs in Belltown, where there are hip hop and electronic shows every Sunday, and an organization (crew) called Alchemy Union.

SCRiBE The Verbalist is a lyrically gifted MC from the Bronx in NYC and mixes the influence of his home town with the creative freedom that makes Seattle so great.  Golden Master was originally an Electronic/Ambient/Noise/Experimental/Techno producer who met SCRiBE and the seattle Hip Hop scene and never looked back.

We are actively searching for new collaborators and also new acts for the shows we organize, or anyone who wants to join us and contribute their creativity to our movement.  And we are always down to play shows, hit us up any time!

We’re here in Seattle to make amazing music, friends, build community, and change the world with art and music.  Come join us.  Feel free to contact either of us through any of the forms of social media in the Links section. Golden master can be contacted at:    myopicfisher –> at–> gmail . com





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