Hip Hop at the Substation 8/21

Hip Hop at the Substation 8/21

Poster by Mojo Barnes
Poster by Mojo Barnes

Come check out local Hip Hop at The Substation.  Alchemy Union and friends are mobbing up and getting down.
August 21st, Doors 8PM $8

Inimeg: https://soundcloud.com/inimeg-mallory-jameson
DeadMics: https://soundcloud.com/deadmics
Shuad: https://goldenalchemy.bandcamp.com/track/the-happen
Golden Alchemy: https://soundcloud.com/goldenalchemy
Bi$hop Gaddafi: https://soundcloud.com/rodgers-malik
Alden Lightning: https://soundcloud.com/aldenwl
Mojo Barnes: https://soundcloud.com/mojobarnes
Mr. Exec: https://soundcloud.com/mrexec12

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